Burning Man Honorarium Grant Recipient 2019




 The installation opens with 100 life size human figures arranged in a 10x10 grid. The project draws the seed of its inspiration from the Terracotta Warriors of China. 

Each artisan put his face on a statue generating individualism in a sea of conformity.

This inspires the first phase. At a distance, they all look the same but once among them you can see that they are individual. 

 Each figure’s face is made with a scan of a  person’s face or a combination of the scans of a group of people. This is achieved with point-cloud scanning and 3D printing.

The body is constructed of sealed wax so that paint can be applied. The shape combines a point cloud scan of a man and a woman, creating an androgynous form.

In the second phase each body becomes a canvas, some  for artists, others open for burners to transform. This reflects how we are vandalized, altered, and stretched by the  intentions of others; draw on them, paint them, add a camp necklace… 

The third phase is the burn, everyone is transformed by a shared expression of impermanence. All these individuals are all the same, drawn to this place by an open heart. 

This is revealed post burn; transformed from figures with their own likeness  to a body of steel all the same, a heart is revealed to represent our shared humanity.