The Man’s Army wants YOUR help! Have you ever been out on the playa marveling at the art and thinking to yourself how much you’d love to be involved in something like that? Great news! Now is your chance to be an integral part of bringing art and wonderment to the people. Our team is looking for more than a few great people to join us and become an integral part in completing this vision. Whether you are looking to participate pre-playa or on site, whatever your capacity allows, we would love for you lend us your time, skills, jokes, and good vibes. Please click the link below to let us know your area of interest and expertise, availability, and a little bit about yourself. We look forward to building up The Man’s Army with you!

Pre-Playa Participation: 

Sculptors, fundraising, Social media, transportation, 

computer skills (Fussion 360, Meshmixer)

on-Playa Participation:

Fine-artists, Fire Perimeter Volunteers, Welders, Build Volunteers